• ip nhrp authentication

    Seems like ip nhrp authentication does not do anything.   Is there any way to test this to verify that it is working?     I put it on my hub only.   Spokes do not have it.   Then I shut an...
    Doug Kenline
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    Splunk has collected some cpu alert messages showing below: what are the meaning of these messages ? what are the possible reasons for the CPU threshold to rise ? what can I do to mitigate this situation ?   ...
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  • point to point ospf

    Hi, Link connected to: another Router (point-to-point) What does it mean by the above How to create the above in ospf Thanks
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  • DMVPN Question-10

    Hi CLN   what is the difference between this command ip nhrp map multicast [nbma address of hub] and this command   ip nhrp nhs [tunnel address of hub] nbma [nbma address of hub] multicast when i us...
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  • Cisco ID Pending at Pearson VUE - nobody is able to sort this out

    hello,   I'm having an issue that on my Pearson VUE account it's saying CSCO ID is pending.   I called Pearson VUe to open a case and they said its a problem with myCisco account. then I called Cisco and ...
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  • Network Programmability using Python

    Hi Guys,   Well this is the most talked about topic now in the world of networking. Probably many of them might have already asked / addressed this topic.   How much exactly of a Python programming knowled...
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  • cyber ops

    I did the exam for stage 2 in a haste, at one point lost internet connectivity but scored 73.8%, i fee so bad about it knowing very well that i dont stand a  chance of advancing to stage 3!
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  • Looking For A Study Partner

    Is anyone up for the task? I recently read Your CCIE Lab Success Strategy by Dean Bahizad and Vivek Tiwari and was inspired by their idea of having a study partner. They spoke of the benefits of having each other to h...
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  • NPDESI exam (300-550) - recommended online training

    Although I don't see activity about this exam, I am planning to take it (I hope it is a right choice). My question is about the recommended online training course:   Having some prior experience with python and ...
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  • vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf

    Hi,   What is 'vrf forwarding Mgmt-vrf' and 'vrf definition Mgmt-vrf'   Thanks.
    Craig BostonMA
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  • Blue mGig ports 3650

    Hi,   What are the blue labeled 'mGIG' ports on my 3650? Also, what does UPoE mean?   Thanks!
    Craig BostonMA
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  • DMVPN Question-11

    Hi CLN iam reading ow DMVPN from this link DMVPN: The Phases In-Depth in this link there`s lines said that :- "Given the nature of NBMA networks, all traffic (multicast, broadcast, and unicast) must be sent across...
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  • RPF question

    I have few doubts about this question:     Refer to the exhibit. Which statement about the R1 multicast network environment is true?       A.     RPF builds the topology us...
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  • Career Paths

    Good day!   There are so many interesting career paths (R&S, Security, data center, wireless, etc.)...   I've looked for a long time to see what the different job roles are like, but there is such litt...
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  • pbr with sla

    Hello, I need  help in understanding a situation and how to configure a cisco router to achieve the following. I am CCNA R&S certified and preparing for my CCNP. I work for a korean company in which I hardly...
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  • CCIE DC Longevity

    I have been studying for CCIE DC Written exam, but wondering if this still a worthwhile cert for the future? I remember the uproar Cisco caused when they retired CCIE Storage. How many years before the DC track shares...
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  • DMVPN High Availability

    Hello All,   i have a setup of DMVPN between two Hubs and 30 spokes , please find the attached to see the current setup i need to  do the following while Primary goes down - use 5M link to reach the Sec...
  • cisco acs server error

    Dear Team,   when i am trying to access acs server by web (ex- it showing ''Invalid administration connection '' error .   What is the reason behind it and how to resolve this problem
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  • Malware vs Virus

    Malware vs Virus:   Any thoughts / clarifications?   Regards.
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  • Trying seamless Label Switching, but something is wrong.

    I'm trying the below scenario:     1-----2-----3---5-------------------6-----4------7 |------ospf 0---|-----IBGP--------|--ospf 0---|   R1#ping so l0 rep 3    Type escape s...
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