• Data Center Design Models

    The design of a Data Center Network (DCN) must be driven by the requirements of the applications it supports. Nowadays, the DC design models can be classified in two big groups: multi-tier DC (MTDC) design and New Gen...
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  • IPv6 and DNS

    HI WHAT IS THE MEANING OF THIS RED BOX? edmondgyampohjilse-iphbrian-osgoodluke.robertson@networkdirection.netsergun4ikmodestas@ragai-ir-kanopos.eu
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  • Disabling NAT on WRT300N

    Hello everyone, is it possible to disable NAT on WRT300N in Packet Tracer?   Thanks
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  • Scheduling LAB 2018

    Hi,   I was looking into CCIE tracker trying to find suitable dates in the second half of the year, but seems like no options to schedule exam after June 15 are available.   What's the reason ?   Is ...
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  • Passed CCNA!

    Sup Fam! I just passed my 200-125 exam! It is wasn’t without #struggle. I failed the first time. Now I can call myself a certified Cisco derp. I’m working towards my CCNP! The packets taste like candy.*Nom...
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  • Studying for CCENT, need advice

    Afternoon CCNA-Security!   I am currently working towards the CCENT (just got my network+ cert), and I was hoping I could get some advice / grade on my current router configuration in relation to security. The r...
    David Wadsworth
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  • Link-local address doubt

    Hi,   I read that hosts use the router's link-local address as default gateway.       This sounds contradicting, since, packets sent to default gateway are supposed to be forwarded then why wou...
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  • Ask Me Anything

    Hi everyone, The CCIEW exam was updated from v3.0 to v3.1 at the beginning of November 2017. I wanted to reach out to the community and make sure that everyone is aware of the changes and, answer any questions tha...
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  • Help needed to interpret "#show interface" output

    Hello.   Here's a fragment of "show interface" output:   Last input 00:00:00, output 00:00:00, output hang never   Last clearing of "show interface" counters never   Input queue: 0/75/17/0 (...
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  • L3 Interface and interface vlan in VPC 9k

    Dear Friends,   I have two nexus switches and vpc is configured for one distribution switch for redundancy. I want to create L3 server vlan in both switch witch will run in redundancy mode if any core switch do...
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  • I like dora la exploradora

    I thought I have dora mastered, here is yet another seemly weird question.   I'll go by the packets I captured below.  In the first DHCP Discover packet, it's a broadcast since the client doesn't know who's...
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  • CCNA Workbook Lab 1

    In this Lab we cover all basics plus EIGRP , GRE , ACL ...etc. Lab pdf attached with pkt file configured till part 5 of it   See you in Lab 2 where we will cover the following topics: •   ...
  • Joining the Club - CCIE R&S Written Passed

    Greetings,   Following suit with the recent spattering of good news regarding CCIE efforts, I want to announce that I have also recently passed my CCIE R&S Written exam.   I can definitely echo Sarah...
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  • Some questions about this exam

    1.I dont know why I cant find the exam price..? how much does this exam cost in GBP? 2. Is there a link to some recommended resources?
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  • MPLS History and building blocks

    A frequently mentioned term that causes buzzing in some ears and intrigue in others is MPLS. Multi Protocol Label Switching is a complex technology whose functioning relies in sharply calibrated mechanisms working tog...
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  • BGP multipath not appearing in BGP table

    Hi,   loopback( =====R9 ======R3 ===== R10 =====SW4(   both switches advertises the loopback into BGP   SW3 prepends the AS path so R9 & R3 & R10 us...
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  • Passed the CCIE Data Center written.... now for the real fun!

    Hello CLN--I passed the CCIE Data Center written exam this morning!  I am super stoked to move on to the lab now!   Following in sarahanand footsteps, there are a few words of advice I can pass on to those ...
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  • IPv4 Routing Table

    Hi on this red box , why they put and NOT /24 ? edmondgyampohjilse-iphbrian-osgoodluke.robertson@networkdirection.netsergun4ikarmysatcom25shujanaqviing_percy Modestas
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  • TCAM demystified

    Revision history     Date Changes made 2015/11/02 Corrected typing error. Added full names for ACE and TCAM acronyms. 2016/01/04 The reference to line numbers in the test ACL were incorrect. Introd...
  • udp broadcast vs directed broadcast

    Hi,   two vlans vlan 100 ip helper address (dhcp server ) ip access-group acl_employees in ( The access list  filtering traffic to some networks ) vlan 200...
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